NUDE SUNBATHERS enjoy my Dish Garden

My garden is covered with SCAFFOLDS……[building repairs]…… I planted a “DISH GARDEN”.

 The planter is 30″ diameter…….and 5″ deep.

Midge and Mike are sculpted from poly plastic.

It is a perfect place to enjoy a good read.

There is no fear of “Limes Disease” in this garden paradise.

Dwarf plants cover every inch of my garden.

The SCALE of the garden is 1″ to 12″…….so the watermelon is one inch.

I sculpted the cats from FIMO CLAY.

Tiny Tommie……scultped from FIMO……is 4 inches tall….


One response to “NUDE SUNBATHERS enjoy my Dish Garden

  1. It is truly brilliantly done Tom – I love it!!!


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