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BERGDORF GOODMAN Christmas Windows • 2017

This year Bergdorf’s teamed up with NYC MUSEUMS…………..and themed the windows accordingly.  Can you guess which museum each window highlights!








This year I was very disappointed with the windows…….they just weren’t up to snuff with years past.

FUNK and FLASH at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts

These shoes were made in Vietnam……during the war.  


Tho…..the rubber duckies just might be my favorite.

But, then again……..there is the horsey………..and the rabbit!

WAR and PIECED • Quilts from Military Fabrics

WAR and PIECED.……..the Annette Gero collection of quilts made from military fabrics……is on display at the Folk Art Museum.  They were all made by men using dyed wools from British military and dress uniform.

A young art student was drawing one of the quilts.

The designs are closely associated with the Crimean War, India, South Africa and other regions of the British Empire during the nineteenth century.

The quilts are so visual………..many of them with over 1000 pieces.

TIFFANY LAMPS at the NY Historical Society Museum

LOUIS C. TIFFANY was the genius behind Tiffany Studios……but he was not the exclusive designer of these lamps.

CLARA DRISCOLL was the head of the Women’s Glass Cutting Department and she has recently been revealed as the designer of many of these lamps.

The men in the Tiffany Studios designed most of the geometric patterns while the women designed the florals.





This is one of the more curious pieces of art in this exhibit.

What do I find more interesting……the paintings or the people looking at them?


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The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation was started 18 years before his death in 2008……giving grants to people whose work and ideas would not happen without support from the foundation.

There are over 250 works in this exhibition……… will have to plan on several hours to fully appreciate this exhibit.

This is Roberts “FISH HOUSE”……..part of his 20 acre estate on Captiva Island where I used to vacation in Winter.


JUDITH LEIBER and her HANDBAGS at the MAD Museum

Judith Lieber has been in the handbag industry for sixth five years…..starting out in Budapest before moving to New York.

Many of her handbags…….fascinating and luxurious…………are encrusted with Swarovski crystals.  She began her company in 1964 and designed her last handbag in 2004.

Her handbags cost about $5000………the older ones sell for a lot more.

My friend Sue………visiting from Detroit enjoying the exhibition.


Richard’s architectural accumulations once littered the backwoods in Quebec.

Using only bailing twine he began building dwellings from discarded objects.

In 2006 he met the photographer Mario Del Curto who started to document his work.


His constructions were on exhibit at the New Museum in the Bowery.