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This weeks TIME OUT magazine calls New York the CITY OF COLOR.

As I stroll the streets I snap people with tattoos.  When I ask them to let me photo the art, no one has ever said “NO”.

Are you a TATTOO newby?  Do your research • Visualize • Consult •  Book your appt. • Bring a friend •  Tip •  Take care

NEW YORKERS Love Their Tattoos


I just walk up to people and ask if I can shoot their tattoo.  They always say YES.

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GUCCI MEN and BOYS • Spring 2016

has gone “dÉtourement [ the situationist principal of appropriating existing work]……..”remix it”……….subvert it so that it creats an uproar.  Well……has the designer Allesandro Michele succeeded?


How much of it will be seen on the street of New York next Spring?


It is a mixed bag of items that will appeal to many of GUCCI devotees.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 3.08.43 PM

There is a lot of GUIPURE……..[fancy French name for heavy lace]……..he uses it for shorts and collars.  Are the frilly bows too pussy for a man?

Does a boy is a blouse or a skirt shock?

CLICK on your favorite boy to see him up close

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 3.34.33 PM

Allesandro is known as the new SAVIOR for Gucci.

 Let’s hope this collection saves Gucci.

ART and ART Lovers • Ka•lei•do•scope • LYONS WEIR GALLERY


A group print exhibition in Chelsea at the Lyons Wier Gallery presented by EASTMAN COLLECTIVE will be on view until july 12, 2015


 Marc PaperScissor…….has two of his prints in the show…….until July 12, 2015


The ART on the walls and the art on the ART LOVERS…………sometimes blurred and blended into each other.

CARLOS: a Photo Shoot on the Hudson River

Shot at Intrepid Park on the Hudson River………..HOT HUNK……or just a hunk who was hot………….



and needed to cool off in the fountain.

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Photos and article from FASHION & STYLE

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Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 1.44.26 PM

Le Pain Quotidien and INTL COFFEE DAY

Today is INTERNATIONAL COFFEE DAY………..organic September.


My barista, Jesus, was on the corner handing out tickets for a free cup of coffee at Le Pain Quotidien.


Jesus lives with the Blessed Virgin on his arm.  Beautiful !


So I took my ticket to their cafe in Central Park. That’s me in the pink shirt and baseball cap…………sharing a table with two lovely ladies [tourists from London].


Inside the cafe ………….a communal table……….nice place to meet other New Yorkers………and tourists.


Shade grown organic Peruvian coffee.  Good times happen over coffee.