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Breakfast on Christmas morn………

With bacon and bubbly.

The NEW YORKER takes turkey….outside

And they kept the gathering to just 10 people.

JULIA CHILD cooks Turkey

Julia cooks a turkey on her show in 1963.  Her little helpers were cleverly kept out of sight.

The DEATH of PAPYRUS Greeting Cards

A sad day for the PAPYRUS GREETING CARD stores.

 Gone but not forgotten.  I designed cards for them for 30 years.

Today the last day….. was like attending a wake ………I will miss PAPYRUS.

I will miss the staff……..who were given no warning that PAPYRUS was bankrupt and all 240 stores are to be shuttered.

And this was EASTER in the PAPYRUS stores……….

with my designs.  GONE!



DECORATING the Christmas Tree • 2019

The children in my building look forward all year long to helping me decorate the tree.  They are so adorable.

I put on the lights and they do the rest………with glee.










They are so adorable.




BRINE it.…….STUFF IT………BAKE IT……..BRAISE it……..and then try  to eat that tough old bird.  Keep a chicken on hand as a back up.


IN 1986 I designed a “game” for the cover of GAMES MAGAZINE.

It is a room in my DOLLHOUSE.  

There are 30 life-size [human scale] objects in the room.

How many can you find?

There is a TRUMPET MOUTHPIECE to the right of the fireplace…….with PARSLEY.  NEEDLE THREADERS  over the fireplace.

You have 27 to go.

Have fun!



NEW YORKERS wear and wave the flag in lots of creative ways.

I wave the FLAG to show our troops that I appreciate all they do for us……

and our independence.












HAPPY JULY 4th • with Friends

Our DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE was signed on July 4, 1776.

So we celebrate with friends and fabulous food.  No hamburgers.  No hotdogs.









JELLO PIE……how COOL is that!