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The statue has been removed from the American Museum of Natural History… the middle of the night on Wednesday, January 19th.

Protesters have been present for a year… American Indian and a black slave!

He has been moved to North Dakota.


UPON THE ROOF at the Met

As Long as the Sun Lasts…….an installation by

the artist Alex Da Corte.

BIG BIRD loves nyc


Red Eared Slider Turtles in Central Park.

Don and I watched this red eared slider dig a hole…..lay her eggs, dropping 15 of them.  Then she filled the hole back in using her back claws.  Took her one hour to complete the job.

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Mr. and Mrs. SPARROW

They made their next in the traffic light on our corner.  One baby refuses to leave the next.  We take seeds to daddy and he takes them up to his kid.

CHRISTIAN DIOR Men’s Look for Summer 2021

OH…..if I were still young and pretty….I would buy this…..

all except the ugly “fanny pack”




Another piece of paper ephemera……1918….

I have addedd to my collection.

We ran into Daniel Webster today……….


And he was NOT wearing a mask!



LADY LIBERTY can breathe again……..

                             Because we have a new president………..

                                         whom we can TRUST.

MRS. Astor’s ball room……..on 5th avenue

I can picture all those rich society people dancing the night away.