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To all of my GAY friends……..



Remembering ALAN TURING in Pride Week

He was the breaker of the enigma code in WW11 and driven to suicide…….or was me murdered…..when he was forced to undergo chemical castration because he was GAY.

GAY PRIDE • Tits and Ass

Some were HOT…..some NOT…….

but everyone was proud to show off what they had in the parade



JUDY GARLAND died the day the Riots began

On the day of the STONEWALL riot…………..Judy’s funeral was taking place several blocks away.  Judy was worshiped by gays and female impersonators.


STONEWALL • Love and Resistance

It was a night of GAY BASHING……word spread thru out the Village and gay bars emptied out into the streets around the STONEWALL.

Hundred of cops were ordered to the scene by the MAYOR Robert F.Wagner, jr.

Gays tried to help the TRANS who were being beaten and piled into paddy wagons………but were bashed and arrested.  It was a night of horror.


NEW YORKERS are getting it in gear…..for the GAY PRIDE PARADE on Sunday……….down 5th Avenue to Greenwich Village.

150,000 people have registered to march in the Parade.

TWO MILLION spectators will line the parade route.  Lots of cheering going on in support of the GAY community.

30 STREET PEOPLE on the streets of NY

What is the best part of living in New York.  It isn’t the Broadway Shows…..or the Met Opera…..or the NYC Ballet…..or the Museums….it is the PEOPLE.

Who are these people.  What do they do.  Where do they live?  How do they live?

Imagining  about their lives is endless fascination for me.



GAYS are out of the closet!

A gay man…..living his life to the fullest…..

with his husband David Burtka.

TITS and ASS add to the fun…..GAY PRIDE NYC 2017

GAY and PROUD…..the Pride March in NYC today.  It is wonderful to be confident with who we are and proud of our bodies…and no shame in showing them off.

TWO MILLION spectators lined the route down 5th Avenue.

37,000 marchers joined the parade.  It was exhilarating.

PRIDE………Gays, Lesbians and Tranny’s are all here…………

The streets of New York are packed with people who have descended on the city…….ready to march in the PRIDE parade on Sunday.

The parade will have 25,000 marchers and 200,000 spectators lining Fifth Avenue.