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Central Park got a dusting of snow this morning

The lake under Bow Bridge was frozen over for the first time this winter.

Feeling BLUE in Central Park

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Could the leaves get any bigger???

Central Park was so beautiful in the early morning sunshine


The Lion’s Mane Mushroom in Central Park

Hericium erinaceous……found it in the North wood in Central Park.  It lives on deadwood.  Good for the spleen, the stomach and is known to calm your mind.

The PUMPKIN FLOTILLA is on again this year

Bring your Jack o Lantern to the Harlem Meer in the afternoon and it will be added to the flotilla.  The park provided the candle.

Just remember….no glitter, paint…… paper and such.  We do NOT want to pollute the water.

An Armageddon cloud descended over Manhattan tonight

                                      It was very wierd to behold!


Walkin’ the dog in Central Parl

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Central Park SQUATTERS

And then they were evicted…..while the millionaires lived in the Beresford Towers……seen in the upper left of the photo.


Barry was so sweet………

she charmed all New Yorkers who came across her in the park.

An OWL KITE has been added to Barry’s memorial in Central Park

Barry brought so much joy to New Yorkers……..she was not afraid of people. She flew into a garbage truck in the wee hours of the morning and was Killed.We miss her.