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Nick Cave’s new ART INSTALLATION in Times Square

Actually it is in the SUBWAY under Times Square.





NEW YORKERS know how to have FUN with their apartments

I rather like the fun GREEN BATH TUB in her railroad flat kitchen.  And her rent controlled apt is only $325 a month…..on thelower east side.

BARBIE goes to the Olympics

As seen in my local DRY CLEANERS window.  Clever!

Remembering ALAN TURING in Pride Week

He was the breaker of the enigma code in WW11 and driven to suicide…….or was me murdered…..when he was forced to undergo chemical castration because he was GAY.

The Cooper Hewitt Museum……..

This morning…..SURPRISE!  Lewis Miller was busy last night creating one of his fabulous FLOWER FLASHES!


Many of his designs are on the streets of New York….

and other in London.

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LITTLE ISLAND…..pier 55…… the Hudson River

                   Thanks to BARRY DILLER and his $260 million dollars.  

                The designer is Thomas Heatherwick……..

pier 55 awaits your visit.




DOLCE and GABBANA for ladies…2021

Lovely and bold design….$300

ROSY shoes………..$900

CHRISTIAN DIOR Men’s Look for Summer 2021

OH…..if I were still young and pretty….I would buy this…..

all except the ugly “fanny pack”

DOLCE and GABBANA Men’s Spring 2021