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BEAUTYCON • nyc 2018

The theme of Beautycon is:  “YOU DON’T NEED LIPSTICK…..LIPSTICK NEEDS YOU”

MOJ MAHDARA is the chief exec and founder. She is a 40 year old gay Persian American.  A VIP ticket costs $1500 for the event….and is worth every dollar.

The people who attend…..BEAUTY JUNKIES…and they look fabtastic.

KIM KARDASHIAN was there to promote her new KKW beauty line.


Thanks to the blogger…JUST JARED for the photo of Kim


My friend, Glenn has three sculptures in the 40th Annual Exhibition for nonmembers……….at the Salmagundi Club in Greenwich Village.

HOPE and ETERNITY [plaster]  $6000.

THE LOVERS [Aqua -resin]  $7,500

WILSON [Bronze]  $8,500


My little friends “THE TWINS” and their little sister CASSIE..…set up their LEMONADE STATION in Columbus Circle last Sunday………and raised $2500 for IMMIGRANT CHILDREN’S RIGHTS.  WOW !!!

Some of their little friends helped them sell the lemonade……at $1.00 a plastic cup!  That’s a lot of lemons………..supplied by COUNTRY TIME LEMONADE.


This is one of my favorite photos of the two of them.  His apartment in New York was a place where he and Monty Cliff could hang out…….and be comfortable.

He lived at 19 West 68th street on the East side of Manhattan.  The “Rebel Without a Cause” died at the young age of 24….in a car crash.

$180 dollar steak sandwich…… NYC

And you can get yours at a new sandwich shop called DON WAGYU in the wall Street area.  Comes with french fries and a half of a pickle.  Wall Streeters are standing in line for the sandwich.

Tax and tip are extra.

BOOK CULTURE on Columbus

We have a delightful BOOK STORE in the neighborhood….

on Columbus Ave.

I did this coloring for the WEST SIDER………..our local newspaper.

Yes, a nook for kids and TEAPOTS too.

Will we be more cultured after shopping here.  Hopefully!!!

We all need to head to the election poles in Novembers….and vote out as many Republicans as we can!