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DIANE von FURSTENBERG Porcelain Dinnerware

Housing Works Thrift store was having a fall sale.  I picked up a set of porcelain designed by Diane von Furstenberg………….a nice addition to my dining collections.

Before I dine on it………..I decided to draw it.

I added my silver creamer to the still-life.

I used 25 different GRAYS to create the art.

I had a little bit of help………from Barbie’s boy friend.  He decided which grays I would use.

efa Open Studios2018 • MICHAEL EADE

Michael was exhibiting his art works today in his studio gallery at the efa OPEN STUDIOS exhibition.

His art works are amazing…………I was blown away by his talent.

efa Open Studios 2018 • JULIA SORBORO

Julia………artist and printmaker……..working today in the BLACKBURN print making workshop in the efa STUDIOS at 323 West 39th street.

Three of her prints that are currently for sale for sale

Boxes of RAGS that the print makers use in the creation of their prints.

efa Open Studios 2018 • SAYA WOOLFALK

In her art works ………..she uses science fiction and fantasy to re-imagine the world in multiple dimensions.

These are a few of her creations that were in her gallery today at the efa OPEN STUDIOS exhibitions here in Manhattan.


Denise uses discarded and ready made objects gathered from the sidewalks of New York as she goes about the city.

Her assemblages are carefully composed.


Her  works are combinations of three dimensional objects projecting out of a substrate.


20 NEW YORKERS………..Look me in the EYE

Sometimes I ask them to pose.

 Other times I just SHOOT.

 Sometimes they look and wonder….DID THAT GUY JUST SNAP ME???

I do have fun with my little camera.


Two bucks will get you a hotdog……………from a HOTDOG cart that has a permit that costs more than $200,000.

Depending  on where you cart is allowed to park………..your monthly rent costs from $20,000 to $60,000 per MONTH.

So….there is a lot of BLACK MARKET dealing with the permits and the parking places.

The number one prized location is in front of the Met Museum…… ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS a year.

[Thanks to Getty Images for this photo].