ILONA draws an “EYE” at the Roger Smith Hotel

Last night……….ILONA ROYCE-SMITHKIN appeared in a “Soiree” at the Roger Smith Hotel here in New York.  Ilona gave a demo on how an artist “draws an eye” that peers into the soul of the person who is sitting for their portrait.



There were three other people on the program.  JONATHAN………a contortionist with the circus …..he has appeared around the world in different venues.

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The other were a writer and a story teller.  It was a small audience but we were extremely entertained.

2 responses to “ILONA draws an “EYE” at the Roger Smith Hotel

  1. What a wonderful capture of the evening! Thank you Tom 🙂


  2. Hi Tom. What wonderful pictures from the Storytelling evening. Thank you for capturing another amazing Ilona moment. Let’s do get together. I’m really hopeful to see your Dioramas one day.


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