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PHOTOGRAPHERS / PAPARAZZI…..add to the madness of FASHION WEEK NYC…….. Sept 2014

FASHION WEEK NYC Sept 2014 Runway Shows for SPRING 2015.


This is what it looks like for the runway shows…..inside the Mercedes-Benz Tent.  300 PHOTOGRAPHERS.  Each is allowed one square foot of space.  If the “PIT BOSS” catches your camera covering another photographers camera………you get tossed out!

I was lucky!  I got to sit in the VIP BOX!

 The other photographers just glared at me!

Enjoy the SLIDE SHOW………..I made many new friends this year.

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Out on the plaza at Lincoln Center….it is a lot more fun.  Splash and dash….glitz and glitter.  It is the place I prefer to be.  And the other photographers are a lot more friendly.  We do have fun!

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK •Fall 2014• Paparazzi

Everyone asks me what it’s like to photograph FASHION WEEK.  It can be fun.  It can be crazy. Since I do it for the fun…..I am competing with the Professional Paparazzi who are doing this for their living.  Just stay out of their way.  You will get trampled as they chase down a celebrity or model.  They are ruthless.

Here are a few photos of the ones I actually interact with.  The real”nastys” are not included.


Me and my trusty little Panasonic.  And I dressed “chic and trendy”?  WAH! But my cashmere gloves do keep me warm and allow me to push that little button that snaps the photo.  Hey, wind chill was degrees BELOW!


Inside the tent…….where the RUNWAY SHOWS take place…….these are the PAPARAZZI.  I am siting next to them in the VIP booth with my little camera. They are squeezed into the back wall.  If the “floor boss” catches one of them hogging more space…..they get thrown out on their ear..

I just sit there in the private booth with a glass of champagne…….. and grin!

CLICK ON……….there are some cuties and a few nightmares.


This is BILL CUNNINGHAM…the most famous photographer in New York.  He wears this little blue jacket year round …..[ the street cleaners in Paris wear this little jacket]. He travels only by bicycle and covers all the fashion events in NY.  The New York Times prints his photos twice a week.

Photographs I took of the PHOTOGRAPHERS at Fashion week Sept 2012

Getting into the tent for a runway show during FASHION WEEK is a cat fight!  The RUNWAY PHOTOGRAPHERS  have to fit into a very tight spot.  They are allotted one square foot and their lens cannot swing from side to side.  If they break this house rule they are kicked out by the production team.  Their goal is to capture a full lenght photo of every model.  They have to catch her with her eyes open and her front foot must be down and flat.  They tend to use 70-200 mm  zooms.  Most shows only last about 10 minutes so they have to shoot thousands of images to get their perfect shots.


This is the view I get of the photographers from my spot in the VIP BOX!  I get rude remarks from them…they are squeezed in and I sit there with my little Panasonic  ZS 20 and  a glass of champagne.  Such a rough life!


Most of the photographers in this group are paparazzi.…….trying to get a shot that will bring big bucks.  Some are from other countries covering the event for a magazine or newspaper.  Some are very sweet……….others are “killers” and will trample over anyone who gets in their way………. to get their shot.  I miss a lot of celebrities because I stand back from the mayhem.  It is not a glamorous task but I do have fun.


Of course, Bill Cunningham was there every day…….shooting like mad.

He shoots 35mm slides.  No digital!  He has over one million negs in his files.

PARIS HILTON arrives for Diane Von Furstenberg’s TENT SHOW

I went to Lincoln Center today…to do the usual…..photograph the run-way shows in the tents at MERCEDES-BENZ  fashion Week……I arrived at the same time as Paris Hilton……she in her limo with bodyguards……….and I by taxi !

With her sister…..Nikki.

Looks like a famous wrap…..by Diane Von Furstenberg.  Catch her new line at:

Shop Diane Von Furstenberg at NET-A-PORTER.COM | NET-A-PORTER.COM

Pushing thru the crowds with no sign of her body guards.

And no body-guards at her rear.

Surprising….the paparazzi were very civil………..stepping backwards to let her through.

The cute gut in the blue shirt….her date?  Escort?  He was attracting as much attention as Paris.

The tourists started photographing like mad…….when went into the tent.

Sticking her tongue out………at the crowd?  NO !  Just wetting her lips.

The crowd was still waiting for Paris to return.  Me too.

Paris emerging from the Runway SHOW.  I wonder how much Diane paid her to wear one of her dresses……..$$$$$?????  Or a freebee for a friend.  Could be !