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MACHO MACHO MAN………..50 of em’

The streets of NYC are teeming with TESTOSTERONE…….flesh is everywhere.

SHIRTLESS GOES THE CITY…..so says the New York Times

Today…….the New York Times did an article called “Shirtless Goes the City”.  The question was:  Is a heatwave  a good enough excuse for men to take their shirts off?  New Yorkers answered with  a resounding ……….”YES”.

Is Manhatten becoming a Malibu?  ORLANDO BLOOM was seen walking in Tribeca…..naked above the waist. [Of course, with my physique I would never get caught flaunting my abs and pecs].

I guess we are in a state of “dress down” in America.

So, I took my camera to the street and snapped away.  I saw the NAKED COWBOY in Times Square. I did not find Channing Tatum…..but a few came close. Nor did I find THE ZESTY GUY!  Sorry ladies!