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PHOTOGRAPHERS / PAPARAZZI…..add to the madness of FASHION WEEK NYC…….. Sept 2014

FASHION WEEK NYC Sept 2014 Runway Shows for SPRING 2015.


This is what it looks like for the runway shows…..inside the Mercedes-Benz Tent.  300 PHOTOGRAPHERS.  Each is allowed one square foot of space.  If the “PIT BOSS” catches your camera covering another photographers camera………you get tossed out!

I was lucky!  I got to sit in the VIP BOX!

 The other photographers just glared at me!

Enjoy the SLIDE SHOW………..I made many new friends this year.

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Out on the plaza at Lincoln Center….it is a lot more fun.  Splash and dash….glitz and glitter.  It is the place I prefer to be.  And the other photographers are a lot more friendly.  We do have fun!