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UPON THE ROOF at the Met

As Long as the Sun Lasts…….an installation by

the artist Alex Da Corte.

BIG BIRD loves nyc


MET GALA 2016 • Fashion from the RED CARPET

The MET GALA 2016..……from Taylor Smith to Beyonce…..what all the stars were wearing.  There were only 600 invited to the gala………..and Anna Wintour decides who those 600 are.  The ticket cost $30,000….or a table for $275,0oo ……but you do NOT get to decide who sits at your table.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 8.04.07 PM

Katy Perry in her PRADA

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I want to thank COCO PEREZ and VOGUE for some of these images.

MET MUSEUM • Sidewalk Artists

There is always a crowd if front of the Met Museum on Fifth ave.


The MET  has over 6 million visitors a year……..viewing over 2 million pieces of art.


The monthly rent on a HOT DOG CART is $54,000.  A hot dog is $2.



The fountain has been redesigned……….at a cost of mega-million.





Newly planted trees line the sidewalk.




This is the exhibit of the artist GEORGI DIMOV………born in Bulgaria.  He has exhibited in many galleries in Europe……..and here in America.


This is GEORGI’S watercolor of my apartment on Central Park west.