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SOCIETY of ILLUSTRATORS 2012 Student Competition

I was a member of the Soc. of Illustrators for years………and looked forward to the Annual Student Competition.  I was a judge  one year………so I appreciate what this years judges had to do.  8119 entries from art schools and small colleges.  A huge number of entries to pass judgement on.  The final decision:

249 images.  My congratulations to all the winners.

For my BLOG I have chosen my favorite 14 images.

JEROMY VELASCO                                “Anne Rice”

FAITH LINDLEY                       “Student Waiting”

TESSA BROEK                             “Masai 11”

HANNAH CHRISTENSON                   “Winter Hunt”

ISABEL ARENAS                         “Contagion”

BRENDA MONTALVAN                            “Flower Face”

KAYKA SKOGH                    “Fur”

HAZEL VARANESE                            “Red Riding Hood”

SABRINA SMELKO                               “The Scientist”

SAMANTHA SCHECHTER               “The Haunted Hallway”

JACOB SANDERS                           “Gibbard”

ZACH MONTOYA            “Nuture over Nature”

JOSEPH PERROTTO                             “1927-1947” 

This painting won a Nancy Lee Rhodes Scholarship Award

It is my favorite painting in the show.