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JULIA CHILD cooks Turkey

Julia cooks a turkey on her show in 1963.  Her little helpers were cleverly kept out of sight.

Paris: Kicking it at the Moulin Rouge

My friend, Theodora, in Paris does a very fun and informative BLOG. I am sharing it with you.

Paris: People, Places and Bling

Epic Weepie: Moulin des amours, Tu tournes tes ailes (Moulin Rouge, Tino Rossi, 1951) Images: T. Brack’s archives

Life Magazine, 1946 (Donna Atwood and Bobby Specht)

By Theadora Brack

Embracing ice skates, glitter, and sequins, this week, let’s glide on up to the  Moulin Rouge, sitting pretty in the hills of Montmartre. That’s right. Get ready for some more time travel as smooth and exciting as a vintage Johnny Weir solid gold triple axel. He is still my hero. However, did you catch Yevgeny Plushenko shining like a diamond as he skated to the “Tango de Roxanne” from Baz Luhrmann’s “Moulin Rouge” soundtrack (2001)? His quad toe / triple toe possessed mass appeal in my book. Love will lift us up where we belong! Indeed!

You will be missed, Monsieur.

Now, let’s grab soda pops at the nearby Monoprix, and commandeer a bench with a view of the centuries-old…

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New Yorkers are either LOVING these windows……or HATING these windows.  Do they have anything to do with Christmas………you decide.


Some rather fun and nostalgic photos in the windows of……..


67th st. WINES & SPIRITS……. circa 1940…on Columbus Avenue


and the store TODAY……..with Dear old JULIA in the windows


Remember when she dropped the chicken on the floor……….picked it up………and said:

“Nobody saw that”………and she slapped it right back on the cutting board!  My kind of cook!


Whack that chicken………and anything else that gets in your way! ! ! ! !


and I do.  It is my fave wine store.


CHEERS to Meryl……and may the Oscar be yours!


and…………BON APPETIT ! ! ! ! !