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MET GALA 2019………Campy Men

The theme was “CAMP’‘………but very few stars understood what “CAMP” is.

They did attract attention to themselves to further their own fame.

DARREN CRISS, Jared Leto, Mr. Porter, Harry Styles, Alessandro Michele, Hamish Bowles, Dapper Dan and Billy Porter…….some were ‘CAMPY” others were just boring.


HARRY STYLES.……….will he set a new trend in clothes for young men?

My friend, Maddie, flew in from Carmel Indiana just to catch Harry’s concert.  She loved it.

GUCCI will dress him for his upcoming world tour.

Harry isn’t overly sexual…..he doesn’t gyrate or gesture………..but his swag is cool!

In his show at Radio City Music Hall here in New York he told the audience his new MOTTO is “Treat people with kindness” and he asked  the audience to turn to a stranger and give them a hug!  WOW !!!

Maddie thought Harry was totally cool.  The other 5000 girls in the audience probably agree with her.