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Radio City Music Hall….and the Rockettes are still putting on their show.

And the New York City buses are still advertising it.

Tom is baking more cookies!  For what?  Next Christmas?

My nephew David’s name is at the top of the list!  I heard he was a naughty boy!

Get your mitts off the moose!

Dept. 56 Villages are still selling.

Santa’s little helpers have nothing to do now.

Angel in mink………..on my fireplace.  Poor little mink!

My fireplace…..mit Mennorah.  Last candle was lit tonight.

My tree………sagging under the weight of adornment.

My wreathe is dried out.

The Santa……….courtesy of Gracious Home.

Dessert at the Metropolitan Opera……between the acts of Hansel und Gretel.

Paper star in a window on 5th Avenue

Tiny little Telly.  I bought it!  We had a TV like that when I was a kid.

My neighbor and his lavender tree on his stoop.

And the Santa I sold to PAPYRUS is in their window…..now at half price!  So my royalty just dropped by half!  Such is the life of an artist!