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HALLOWEEN PARTY in Central Park 2014

Lots of cute kids show up in Central for the HALLOWEEN PARTY.

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HALLOWEEN MASKS in Jackson Sq. Park

Today in Jackson Square Park in Greenwich Village.…………the local school kids made MASKS……….all from items in their kitchen.  So so clever!


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Ilona was right there in the midst of all the fun.


GUITAR SERENADE on the Subway today

What a fun diversion today while I waited for the IRT line………”BASILIO” was giving it his best.



He smiled even more when I gave him a $20.

CITI CENTER “Fall for Dance Festival” 2014

On Sunday night we went to the Citi Center Fall for Dance Festival.  This year there were 20 elite dance artists and companies from around the world.  Don and I chose to see the Sarasota Ballet performing “Les Patineurs” by Sir Frederich Ashton.  It is a 1937 work depicting a Victorian Era ice skating party.


The set was borrowed from the Royal Ballet and my friend Doug flew over from London to set up the stage for this performance.  The Donald and I saw it performed in London years ago……..and we still enjoy it.

PUBLIC MORALS / filming a scene in Greenwich Village

We were strolling in Greenwich Village today heading to the Corner Bistro for a burger  but it was renamed ……..SHAMROCK INN.  They were shooting a scene for a new TV series: “PUBLIC MORALS”………….Steven Spielberg, producer.  It is a 10 part series.  About 100 people were working in the streets and on the set just to shoot this one scene.

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ED BURNS plays a hardworking officer as he deals with the the dark underbelly of NYC


COMICON New York / Oct 9-12, 2014

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ANDREW COURY and his friend

I met up with some of my friends at the COMICON convention here in NY City.

Joey and Paul Dinas.  Andrew and Jessie Cannizzaro.

and a cast of characters from all the COMICS.

There are a few tickets left for SUNDAY….$88 to $199.99.

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The artist Paolo will paint a full color commission with background for $800

Contact him at:

NYC BALLET and Umbrellas

The Donald and I went to Lincoln Center this afternoon to see the New York City Ballet. Out friend Clotilde Otranto was the orchestra conductor for the entire program……music by Tschaikovsky.  We saw “SERENADE”………”MOZARTIANA”………..”Pas de DEAUX”………”SUITE No.3″


Chase Finlay danced with Sara Marns in “Theme et Variations“.  The ballet forbids taking of photos during a performance………….so instead, I shot the UMBRELLAS coming to the ballet.


The little doggie wearing his red raincoat ………… cute!