CASS TECH HIGH………where I went to school………majoring in the Art Department……….and almost every student won a scholarship to an Art College.

My scholarship was to the Philadelphia College of Fine Art…..where I attended for four days…………then I quit and passed my scholarship onto my alternate………who was so grateful to receive it.  I went back to Detroit and worked at  Holland Associates Art studio.

There were 5000 students………all having to choose a university preparatory major.

A few of the distinguished graduates include:  Ellen Burstyn, Muriel Costa-Greenspon [nyc Opera], Artie Fields, Carole Gist [Miss USA], Naime Mora [Americas Next Top Model Winner], Della Reese, Lily tomlin, John Delorean, Charles Wysocki

The school was built in 1917. This photo shows a deserted building that was demolished  in 2011.  There was a last ditch effort to save the building….led by Diana Ross.……who was one of my class mates.

The auditorium where the DRAMA DEPT staged their performances.

I wrecked quite a few experiments in this chemistry lab………and it was the only class that I failed……..and had to repeat  in summer school.

American  History was taught in this classroom……..but I slept thru most of the lectures.  I am currently reading the textbook that was used…..trying to “catch up”

3 responses to “CASS TECH HIGH in Detroit

  1. Awesome.


  2. Anna Jauregui

    Hi Tom!

    This post is so interesting! How many people can say Diana Ross was a classmate? Thanks for sharing 😘


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  3. Very interesting read. I met you in Novi at the ” Art is In “store. Didn’t know you were a former Detroiter.


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