TOM’S Terrace Garden

The scaffolds are still on my terrace and all my pots have been shoved to the other side……..where I am planting like mad…..trying to get a semblance of a garden going.

And my LILACS are in bloom………right on schedule.

My friend Maddie is developing a GREEN THUMB……….I couldn’t get the garden going without her help.


2 responses to “TOM’S Terrace Garden

  1. Anna Jauregui

    Gorgeous! You two have done a fabulous job!

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  2. Brenda Humphreys

    Hi Tom,

    I’m glad I had the chance to go out on your terrace and see your beautiful flowers. I hope the workmen don’t damage any of them. The lilacs are gorgeous! Maddie has done a great job. It was wonderful to spend last Sunday with you.

    Love to you and Don!


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