STRAWBERRY FIELDS……..   A Quiet Zone…….is anything but.  Today on the eve of the MARATHON……… is flooded with tourists……….but I still find it a very pleasant place to sit and view it all.



I met a very charming young man from Vietnam….D A……with his camera……..snapping photos……….and sharing my bench.

3 responses to “STRAWBERRY FIELDS •Nov. 3, 2017

  1. So crowded with the Marathon prep! I had dinner tonight at Pomodoro Rosso on Columbus Ave and they said tomorrow night is the busiest of the year for them on the eve of the marathon.



    Wendy, my Mom, and I went to see Strawberry Fields in London when we were there a few years ago. Central Park is a nice tribute to John Lennon.


  3. Hi Tom,

    It’s D.A. 🙂 I’m back in Vietnam today.

    Thank you for the conversation and the kind feature on your blog. New York was much more interesting thanks to you.

    Let’s keep in touch.

    Until next time!


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