COUNTESSA RABBITSKI….and her jewels……..

She is the cousin of the Czarina Alexandra Feodorovna.…Empress of Russia as the wife of Nicholas 11, the last ruler of the Russian Empire.


This is her salon where she receives visitors.


For Christmas she received lots of jewels………and she never has enough.


She also got a new chandelier from Tom and Don.


This diorama wad created by Robert Charles Heitmann for Tiffany’s windows…….and is now in Tom’s collection.


One response to “COUNTESSA RABBITSKI….and her jewels……..

  1. Robert Heitmann worked for my great grandmother when he was a young boy in Cincinnati in the 30’s. He helped her in her gardens and greenhouse.
    I last saw him in his NYC apartment at least fifteen years ago. Many if not all of his dioramas were haphazardly stored there! He had an incredible eye and memory for detail. He sketched and painted my family’s gardens and home with whimsical accuracy decades after leaving Cincinnati! I’m very happy that you have the dioramas. Treasure them!


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