CRIME AND PUNISHMENT………School of Visual Art • nyc


The School of Visual Arts new exhibition is called “CRIME and PUNISHMENT”.

Selected works by third-year BFA CARTOONING and BFA ILLUSTRATION students are in the show……..curated by Thomas Woodruff. They were asked to look at the “dark side’ of humanity………….and the impulses of evil.  Historical figures and those who have suffered the cruel punishment of others are in this exhibition.



Bonnie and Clyde, Michael Jackson, Joan of Arc, David Berkowitz, Al Capone. Nazi’s, Central Park Rapist, Pornographers and Michael Jackson and others are depicted in this exhibition.


One of our favorite artists, Paul Thiesing has a 21 works pictorial in this show……...[Central Park Five].


CLICK ON one of the works………

The art in this exhibition is powerful, sophisticated, professional . The illustrations, pictorials and cartooning show the students are prepared to enter the professional marketplace.


ARTIST: Yeonjee [MOMO] Kim

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  1. Thank you for your images with my name!


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