LOOT: Mad About Jewelry • ALENA WILLROTH

MAD.……Museum of Art and Design’s annual exhibition and sale of one-of-a-kind contemporary jewelry created by innovative jewelry artists from around the world…….is this week in NY.


MEET………..Alena Willroth………a Czech born jeweler………..living in Berlin.


Every piece she creates is unique to the process she employs.


Her patterns develop out of the interplay between carefully premeditated designs and the inherent willfulness of her materials.


The weightless and delicate nature of her work ………..even opulent forms appear light.


Alena has developed a welding process that allows her to create intricate pieces from polyethylene foils.


A pencil drawing is traced to foil which she hand cuts with an Exacto knife.  Heat and pressure brings the jewelry to its final form.

CLICK ON………….to see more of her designs


One response to “LOOT: Mad About Jewelry • ALENA WILLROTH

  1. These pieces are absolutely brilliant!


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