PATRICIA FIELD is closing her iconic boutique.


After 50 years in the business……..Patricia wants to take it easy. She has worked on TV shows………..movies.  She owns the property so she is not being chased out by a greedy landlord.  She just plans to “cash in her chips” and live the good life.


Those of us New Yorkers who always thought we could never survive without her store…………well………we will just have to “suck it up” and go on.


Drag queens will feel the loss of her outrageous fashions.


Could you wear this home to MAMA??  Sure!  In New York…….. MAMA would probably already have it in her closet.


And now “Wonder Woman” will have to search elsewhere for her clothes.


Lady Gaga and Debbie Harry were regulars.


You can’t but blue hair here…..but BLUE WIGS…….yes!


Carrie Bradshaw [SarahJessica Parker…….from Sex and the City fame] was a “regular” here.

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