LAUREN BACALL’S apartment has been sold

The lovely actress with the “throaty voice”……..Betty Joan Perske…….born in 1924……..who changed her name to LAUREN BACALL and became one of the leading ladies in Hollywood……..tho she only made a few films.

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She bought her nine room apartment in the DAKOTA in 1961 for $48,000.

After her death the apartment was listed $25 million……..but was just sold for  $21 million……….still a bargain.

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Lauren never updated the apartment so the buyer will have a major renovation on his/her hands.

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Lauren and Humphrey Bogart were married until his death…………tho he had three wives before her.  We will never forget “Rick” in his role in Casablanca.


Bogie and “Baby” in DARK PASSAGE.………1947…………I was only four years old so it was 20 years later before I saw it.


One response to “LAUREN BACALL’S apartment has been sold

  1. Lauren Bacall was so gorgeous. When she died, I was working on a movie in the costume department. When her death was announced on the radio, all the crew under 30 said ” Who is that?” The costume designer spoke up and told those youngins’ that they had a lot to learn about film and fashion. I agreed.


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