Strolling down FIFTH AVENUE on Christmas Day 2014

Gone are the days of a leisurely stroll down 5th avenue on 

Christmas day.

It was closer to a “nightmare”


Scaffolding on nearly every block.


Saint Pat’s Cathedral was finally cleaned up………now a ghostly form of it’s previous self.  At $175 million that was a lot of tithes…..for a lot of soot.


The interior is also getting a facelift. Cardinal O’Conner was holding forth.


Handbags all “bundled up”…………in case the cops descent he can grab the bundle and run.  There were 50 of these guys along the avenue.  Hey, everyone has the right to make a living…..and his rent is “free”.  Did you spot Don there on the corner.



There were so many worshipers in the church………hundreds had to stand outside…….and couldn’t hear a word.  No Speakers.


 It was 60 degree today………….but that mink had to make an appearance.


Hot dogs and pretzels…………$5 for the dog….$3 for the pretzel.

 Mustard was free.


He decided that right in front of Sak’s window was the best spot on the block.  He and 10 other vendors.  You could cop a fake CHANEL bag for $40.  $25 if you haggled.


Don and friend….snapping away.


Roasted peanuts……….and umbrellas go together like a _____ and _______!


Your caricature only 5 bucks….and five minutes of your time.


Alex was talked into 3 sketches……….$15 smackers.  Cute tho!

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