A World of Storybook Charm • Robt Charles Heitmann

ROBERT CHARLES HEITMANN……. creator of dioramas…….based on fairy tales.  30 of his creations were donated to HOUSING WORKS thrift shop.  I purchased 4 of them and displayed them in my apartment  for Christmas.  All of my guests [me too] have been mesmerized by their charm.


 A manger setting…………Mary and Joe and the babe in an English cottage.


The figures are made out of papier- mache.


Robert free-lanced for Tiffany’s for about fifteen years…….creating his delightful dioramas for their windows.


Czarina Rabbitsky……….Faberge Egg in hand……..in her drawing room


……..waiting to have tea with her cousin the Grand Dutchess Anastasia.


“WIND IN THE WILLOWS”……..Mr. Badger.  There is a bottle of beer in the kitchen along with a complete set of china.  Mr Badger lumbers to the front door, candle in paw, wearing a beautiful brocade dressing gown.


I don’t know the history of this diorama…………but the setting is in an English Manor………and the Duke and Duchess are making a toast to the new year.


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my old friends………..and all of my new friends who are following my blog.


One response to “A World of Storybook Charm • Robt Charles Heitmann

  1. Special New Year’s wishes to you and Donald as well Tom. Your new dioramas are delightful!


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