DO NOT tango with a MOOSE

A woman in MAINE banged right into a moose.  Dead Moose!  


And the moose landed right on top of her.  Literally.


She walked away with only minor injuries.


I feel sorry for the moose.  As for her…….I do not find her driving “AMOOSING”!

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 6.50.55 PM

I”ll bet Chef Ramsey could turn this disaster into a lovely CHOCOLATE MOOSE.


One response to “DO NOT tango with a MOOSE

  1. Many years ago something similar happened to a friend of mine when a Kudu was knocked down in Namibia. She was in the passenger seat; the baby on her lap was killed, her back was broken and she ended up as a quad. Today she is a well known campaigner for the rights of handicapped people cloistered in wheel chairs.


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