9/11 MEMORIAL on Wall Street

I went to the terrace of the W Hotel in downtown Manhattan on for this shot.  The trees in the background surround the waterfalls of the Memorial…….July 2014.


What will archeologists twenty five centuries from now make of the ruins of ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER?  In the year 4514, some scholars familiar with ancient accounts describing the diminutive structure as a “skyscraper”….with it’s 1,368 feet was a figure of no known significance.


This shot was taken from the penthouse apartment of the W Hotel on Washington Street.  The pools mark the footprint of where the TRADE TOWERS existed

The two black holes in the center of the pools…..water falling into a seemingly bottomless pit.  It was a a beautiful and moving experience……..more than I ever expected.



Families of the victims gather here to see the name of their loved one.  It is a sad experience to observe.  Many tears are shed.  Tourists stand in awe.


Names of almost 3000 victims are inscribed around the perimeter of the walls.


Simply staring into the cascading water is a powerful experience……….etching into your memory the terrible tragedy on that morning in 9/11.


I did not visit the museum.  It is said to be an emotional exhaustion….I will save that for another day.  Just seeing 3000 names of the victims…………running my fingers over some inscriptions………innocent people who were murdered.



One response to “9/11 MEMORIAL on Wall Street

  1. I hope I can one day also see (and experience) it


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