Medieval English ALABASTER Sculpture

The Art of the “ALABASTERMEN is the current exhibit by MOBIA at the American Bible Society on Broadway.  It is called OBJECT OF DEVOTION.



All of these hand carved devotional works were done circa 1400 to 1450. The craftsmen in England were very busy carving visualizations of the Christian Scriptures…….ignoring the Old Testament………concentrating instead on the contemporary cults in Europe who preferred images of Saints, Jesus and the Virgin.

CLICK ON ONE to view the slideshow

When HENRY v111 was made the head of the church [the reformation]……..he declared that all Catholic images be destroyed……….it was carnage in the monasteries and nunneries.  Most of the alabasters were destroyed.  The surviving carvings are those that had been sold abroad.

This collection is from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  

Support for this exhibition also came from the Atrium Café by GABRIEL’S, my favorite restaurant on the westside of New York.

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