CABARET returns to Broadway

CABARET has retuned to Broadway….bringing back ALAN CUMMING as the emcee.

CLICK ON to see a short montage of the show


ALAN CUMMING steals the show as the sexy MC of the KIT KAT CLUB Cabaret.  [This same show won him a TONY 14 years ago].


“Two Ladies”……”If You Could See Her”……”I Don’t Care Much”… just a few of the  songs that are belted out in the Cabaret.


FRAULEIN SALLY BOWLES….[Natasha richardson played this role in the previous revival for 2,377 performances].


Michelle Williams admits that she is not the most musically gifted actress for this role. I find her a bit fragile for the aggressively sexual singer, Sally Bowles.….[But, I loved Michelle in “Brokeback Mountain” ].


The ORCHESTRA……….and they really ARE beautiful!

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 4.49.28 PM

WILL CARLYON……….plays the cello in the orchestra plushe sings and dances …..and he is BEAUTIFUL.  [This photo was taken by Matthew Murphy ].


Three time Oscar nominee……Michelle Williams…… Fraulein SALLY BOWLES.

photo 2

The theatre has resurrected itself as the KIT KAT KLUB.  Margo took this shot of the stage………main floor tickets are $220. Drinks are served to you by muscular “topless” male waiters……..for an axtra $19. [And you’ll probably give the waiter a $20 tip].

photo 4

This shot of the mezzanine with fringed red lamps……..bordello style ……at every seat.  If you want to sit here……it will cost you $199.


Ilona and I were going to wear these hats to the cabaret.  The Donald said…..”I don’t think so”!

photo 14

Don and Ilona and Tom and Margo decided to catch the show in it’s final rehearsal.  A stranger passing on the street took this photo of us with an i-phone.

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