SCHOOL of VISUAL ARTS • 3D Design Students

The School of Visual Arts here in NYC asked the 3D DESIGN students to design their own personal haven which would be refitted onto a mobile utility cart………..which the students could tow around with them and hide inside when they needed too.  WOW!  It is a fantastic show of very talented students.


ROSE WHITE:  When looking out an airplane window …..head in the clouds……..she is amazed that such a limitless space can become so personal.


MYUNGWON SEO: Wanted a personal space where he could dance and listen to music.  Got any extra speakers hanging around…….you can send them to him.


ANDREW SEETOH: Wants to walk aimlessly in a hugh open space………so he has constructed a “running with wolves” plywood space. Hmmmmmm…..


 YOUJUNG CHOI: He admires Mondrian………and wants to be a part of Mondrian’s paintings…… now he can live as part of the artist’s work.


 YOUNGSUN PARK:  Just a line on the ground can designate a personal space……and the playground of his childhood works for him.


 HOLLY TROTTA:  His own little garage for band practice.  


 HASEUL JANG:  Is your like sweeter with cereal?  For Haseul it is.  His cereal box is his fuel for creativity. 


 He said he would kill for a bowl of cereal.


QUISP.  Corny and crunchy.




 DEVINNE PETERSON:  Her piece provides her own private sanctuary for relaxation.  Do a yoga pose and clear her mind.


 ALEXANDRA BEY:  Her own private dressing room for a gal on the go.


 WEI TUNG YEH:  Vintage is something with a story….and is the art of life…… her inspiration comes from digging into vintage to define her own lifestyle…….ams she does it so well.


 Vintage SINGER…………something we all need.


 VALON MELA:  Created his own Bomb Shelter…………he can lock himself in from the plaque that is out there……..


SPAM…….the elixir of life!  Shelf life …………..forever.


 OLIVIA WILSON:  She says she can’t see the stars at night in crowded NYC……so she wants a space where she can relax and look up at a star filled sky.


 KAREN REZNICK:  All she wanted was a space where no one could reach her…..a place where she could be a Repunzel………..unreachable until she lets her hair down.  


Ciggie breaks on the sidewalk for some of the art students.



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