NOAH and the Pigeon……….oops…….DOVE

NOAH: “Hey, looks like rain.  Better build myself an ARK”.


God told Noah to gather up a pair of every living creature  on the earth……….one male and one female of all the species species.


So, Noah loaded up his boat.


These are the poor souls who didn’t have a reservation for the cruise!


At the end of the voyage………Noah sent out a dove to see in there was any dry land. The dove returned with an olive branch.  So Noah sent him out again to bring back some olives for dinner. Now, my question is………..if the whole earth was covered with H2O……how did it all evaporate in just 365 days???

One response to “NOAH and the Pigeon……….oops…….DOVE

  1. Simmie Grey

    One shouldn’t go into too much detail? 😉


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