This year we celebrated THANKSGIVING and HANUKKAH at Roe’s place out in Port Washington, NY.


It was fun to celebrate both holidays on the same day.

Everyone brought their favorite dish…….like sweet potato latkes!  I made my famous stuffing for the TURKEY.  Mindy whipped up her pecan pie [tho, I suspect her mom made it].

 Jesse was there from Israel with her newly wed husband, Jerome.  Doc Dave showed up with his new heart-throb.  Arlene and her family flew in from Chicago…….and both of Marc’s daughters were there.


3 responses to “THANKSGIVING / THANKSGIVUKKA 2013…….at Roe’s

  1. I like this article, I have reblogged this one, thanks for posting


  2. I love pictures and I love our awesome family!
    – Anna


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