BARBIE goes to a Fashion Show

I walked  over to Amsterdam Avenue to drop off my dry-cleaning at the Apthorpe Cleaners…….and there in the window was BARBIE.………putting on a Fashion Show.

WOW!  Does that bring back the memories.

 When I worked for E.J.Korvette’s Department Store in 1963 I put on a FASHION SHOW for the new doll sensation………BARBIE.  I hired limousines, rolled out the Red Carpet…..and Barbie was a hit!


BARBIE made her debut in 1959………an invention of Ruth Handler….one of the owners of MATTEL.



BARBIE is surrounded by many of her friends……Midge, Skipper, Christie.


It looks like Marilyn Monroe was the model for this doll. “Hello” Mr. President”!


KEN was named after Ruth Handler’s own son.


BARBIE has sold over one billion dolls making her the most successful toy in history.


Katherine Hepburn “look-a-like”…………oh so glam. [Fashion Designers were brought in to design her wardrobe].


BARBIE has had many profession……… model, firefighter, Dentist, Doctor, astronaut, paleontologist even Presidential Candidate.


Feminists have protested that BARBIE reinforces sexism.


Playing with BARBIE seems to enhance a girl’s self- image [and some boys]………expanding their sense of their potential.





2 responses to “BARBIE goes to a Fashion Show

  1. Tnx Tom, it brings back many a happy memory!


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