2013 Fall Gala NYC BALLET / 55 ugly dresses

At Lincoln Center last night………the 2013 Fall Gala fundraiser for the New York City Ballet………was in the David Koch Hall.  New York’s society and celebrities showed up for a glittery evening.  Cocktails of the balcony and dinner after the performance.

The gowns were surprisingly atrocious.  One shock after another walked down the red carpet.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 7.25.08 PM

NATALIE PORTMAN wore a surprisingly understated dress………fun material but a bit off-putting in baby blue and banana yellow.  designed by Brittney Stephens

CLICK ON any gown to enlarge the fashion mistakes.




SARAH JESSICA PARKER was in a pink something………..the bodice and white bra were designed by Olivier Theyskens [long hair on the left]  .  The bottom of the dress designed by Probal Gurung [on her right]. It has a large flap pocket on the right thigh………and a slit up the back that the seamstress forgot to sew up.


Can’t figure out the sash belt………..and that oversized bow on the back.  At least her earrings were tasteful.

One response to “2013 Fall Gala NYC BALLET / 55 ugly dresses

  1. That was fun. But you were sooo mean!


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