MAGENTA MADNESS invades Manhattan

It was getting to be a bit ridiculous…….everywhere I turned it was FIFTY SHADES of MAGENTA!  And yes………MAGENTA has always been my favorite color.  It started at age five with a TUTU I found in a garbage can in the alleyway behind our house on Cass Avenue near downtown Detroit.  Been MAD for MAGENTA  ever since.

Where did I see all of this MAGENTA?  All over New York City.  On a Kenzo bag.  A glass chandelier at Vapiano restaurant in Greenwich Village.  Orchids at the DIFFA show on the pier…..and a Croscill Tabletop.  A pile of feathers at Mood Fabrics [aka….. Project Runway].  Marilyn Monroe art at the Straykat Gallery.  Alienation/hiv/AIDS.  And a red butt print by the artist PARRA………for an excape from all the MAGENTA!

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