KAREN SANTRY… artist friend…..wiped out by HURRICANE SANDY

Karen is sooooo talented.  Fine art painter, fabulous fashion illustrator…and a dear friend.


She is currently Professor of art at the Fashion Institute of Technology.


She is also the Vice President of Fashion Art Bank…….a world licensing company for Fashion Illustration.



Figures from her Kabuki series………..these are NOT fabric collages…….rather paintings that look like fabrics.



All of these beautiful figures…..some 12 feet tall……have all been destroyed in the flood of hurricane Sandy.



Karen lives in an Artists Community Housing called WESTBETH…… Chelsea.



Her 30 years of art were stored in two storage spaces if the basement of Westbeth.



The hurricane filled the studios with water……10 feet deep.  A tragedy!



Karen was also a Lilly Fellow in the Art Dept. at Yale.  She is currently a member of The Society of Illustrators where we meet for lunch.


In her studio before it was destroyed by Sandy.


Karen was the artist who painted David Bowie in his famous leather jacket. She earned her print making techniques from Andy Warhol.  Hurricane Sandy has not dampened her spirit.  She is an inspiration to all of her Artist friends.

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