AND IT DANGLES evermore?  Top of the “Billionaires Club” building at 157 west 57th street.  Sandy brought it down……and they can’t seem to figure out how to get it up !

This building also has TAX ABATEMENTS………so the billionaires  will make out like bandits.  The streets below were closed.  Thousands evacuated………and poor Carnegie Hall Concerts all cancelled.  For New Yorkers……THAT is also a tragedy.

The top floors are “sold out“……..$90 million each.  There are still a few available on the lower floors for $50 million and up.  Shall we all take one?


This is the view of Fifth Avenue from my terrace.  Can you imagine what the views are like from the 90th floor of West 157?

Down on the street…….the light was intense.  Sandy blew away all the pollution over New York……..brilliant blue skies and glorious clouds appeared

The roof of Tavern on the Green in Central Park got ripped about.

Looking down on Madonna’s apartment building…….her terrace is intact.  Everything was tied down with ropes………which I am sure would appeal to Madonna.

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