Oh, SANDY……you made so much misery !


This photo was sent to me from a guy in Germany.  I did NOT snap this.

Sandy has turned into the GRIM REAPER.

My terrace that was……and a garden that is no more.

Sandy’s wind and rain wiped out my views of the city.  Ferocious!

SAND BAGS……..anchoring my tables.

 Sandy did her number !!  MY TABLE!

ITALIAN POT………….over she goes.

She was supposed to protect my terrace…….

Musical chairs……….

Even my pumpkin is pissed.

During the storm….our superintendent,  Mahir,   had go out in the winds and secure the plastic covering my neighbor, Sally”s, greenhouse.  It was a nightmare!

The “Great Blue Heron’s” new home…….my living room.

My neighbor has 8 of these trees on his terrace……….blew over but not down to the street.

157 West 57th street………..90 stories up…..the crane dangles.

I snapped this from my terrace during the hurricane.

In front of my building……….

West 71st street………so sad to loose trees.

 Over on Broadway……..one lone truck trying to do a clean-up.


3 responses to “Oh, SANDY……you made so much misery !

  1. From the photos, it looks like the only fatality was the table. I’m sure you’ll be taking good care of the survivors and maybe be looking to take advantage of any gaps that Sandy caused in your garden. I remember reading an interview with a gardener after Katrina who was excited about taking advantage of the changes she was forced to make in her garden where Katrina had opened up more garden to the sun.


  2. Thank you for the pictures, there are so many prayers coming your way. I am glad you are safe. YOu have out done Florida for Hurricane. Be safe. Love Gayle


  3. Martha Heiden

    Tom and Don – I was sending good thoughts to the two of you and all your neighbors. Glad to see that you kept your good humor about the whole thing.


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