We went to the Paris Opera Ballet this week-end.  Suite en Blanc, L’Arlesienne, Bolero and Giselle.  We had great expectations.  The dancing was stilted, the orchestra was slow……..the scenery was not interesting….and the costumes were boring.  I have no idea why they decided to bring this program to New York.






More interest……….costume wise………..was what New Yorkers were wearing to the Ballet.

Group of students and “wanna be” ballet dancers.

Around the fountain in front of the Opera House…….a bit of everything was seen.

Catch the Deconstruction and the the Drainpipe……a bit of Goda…….some Haute Couture [but not much]…….lots of kitch…..shabby [but not chic].  Kitten heels were scarce.  Not an LBC to be seen.  I spotted one Shahara, one Skort……very little vintage and not a single wrap [ala Diane Von Furstenberg].

2 responses to “PARIS OPERA BALLET NYC 2012

  1. Simmie Grey

    Very interesting


  2. Shame about the ballet. Love the photos of New Yorkers 🙂


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