Wandering on Wall Street

Wandering around the caverns of Wall Street…….second time in a week.  The place is fascinating.  Sights…..sounds……..smells.  Tourists in the mix.  Construction everywhere.  The very narrow streets somehow add to the fun.  Two million people there on a daily basis ……. mind boggling.  But my little camera loves it all.

Construction is happening on almost every street.  Do we really need more skyscrapers?  Yes!

When I see construction workers I always stop and talk to them…and take teir photos.  They are pleased to pose.  Anxious to talk about their project.

My father was a HARD HAT………..and proud to be a carpenter.

This is a rare picture of George Cathey……….working on the Mackinaw Bridge in upper michigan in the 1950’s.

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