MACYS FLOWER SHOW 2012 BRAZIL: “Gardens in Paradise”

Macy’s Annual Flower Show is always a beautiful way to “Ring in Spring”.

“Gardens in Paradise………

A Garden in Bahia………never been there so I”ll take Macy’s word for it.

Bridge over the pond….there were no fish…..but they called it the Amazon !

“Brasil Red” Begonias……you can grow your own from seeds.  Yes indeed!

This flower cover parrot was about 8 foot tall.  Scary!

Salvador da Bahia garden……with Asparagus Ferns.

Orchids galore…….

The wild grasses with the tiny yellow flowers……..grows wildly on my own terrace.

La familia de las orquideas  la familia mas grande.

Water fall in the rainforest……but there was no rain…..not even a mist.

The Donald walking thru the Amazon………and I am sure this is the closest he will ever get to it!

“Pony Tail”.  In 1964 James Kirkwood wrote THERE MUST BE  PONY…….under all this shit.  Amazon has the book for $6.95.  A good read.

Same tiles on my terrace roof here in Manhattan………sans the herbs.

Modern statue in “brasilia’s Garden.

Man and a Woman?  Unisex?  Don’t know who the sculptor is.

Pineapple Plant…………also flouishes on my terrace here in New York City.

Planters ala contemporary style for the “Modernists” is San Paolo.

Penthouse Apartment in Rio.

Same penthouse.

That watering can is more Westport Conn………..than rio!  I even have one.

Love the old pot shed.  Am designing one for my own terrace.

Bromilliads and creeping Helichrysum [italicum Curry Plant].

More Bromos.

You will NOT see this fountain on my terrace.  Way too heavy!

On the top of Corcovado Mountain outside of Rio is the Cross of Christ the Redeemer.

And then we have a sunny little porch with an oriental rug?  Somewhere one of Macy’s decoratoreswent wrong!

I have the same chair on my terrace…..and it is not Brasillian!  Another decorator faux pas!  And the hydrangeas?  More like orphans from the Bronx Botanical Garden.

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