DIFFA does Shellmania

DIFFA 2012 on Pier 94 on the Hudson River

“SHELL SHOCK” when I saw this masterpiece.  Reminded me of the 15 years I spent on the beaches of Sanibel……collecting  shells……[which I have saved]……and now I know what to do with them.

Exquisite lighting………this table setting was created by Dwayne Clark and Bob Gaynor.

Arte Italica provided the glassware…….[some of which is in my own collection].

I shall treat my own “Garden Goddess” with this decolletage.

At first I thought……….why the BELL?  Well, it is a tiny tureen cover.  And…..”the calla lillies are in bloom” [eg  Katherine Hepburn].

So many to thank for making this creation possible.  Lillian August deserves beaucoup “kudos”.

La Crema Wines was very generous in supplying hundreds of bottles of wine…….and it was all consumed.

I will not re-create the white plaster table……….[will use a table cloth to simulate the look].

Silver…..coral and starfish……….

Clever use of the lucite chairs………thank you RDYC  Interior Design and Architectural Development for your support .

3 responses to “DIFFA does Shellmania

  1. Kent Cochran



  2. Thank you for your incredibly kind words. We loved working on every inch of this piece. This table setting was actually created by Dwayne Clark and Bob Gaynor for RDYC Interior Design and Architectural Development.


  3. This piece was absolutly amazing. When we walked through the show we cam upon an area with people all a buzz and going crazy, when we finally got close enough to see what they were all going nuts about THERE IT WAS!!

    Great job guys!


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