NEW YEAR’S DAY 2012 in Central Park

January 1st, and thousands descended on Central Park.  Man and beast alike.

For a while……… apartment building was shrouded in a mist………

Romance filled the air…….

Furry friends frolicked too………..

The berries must be poison?  Nary a bird has bothered them.

My apartment reflected in the lake.

Bethesda Fountain drew the crowds.

Was the first time I have ever seen kids sitting IN the fountain.

But is is always sad to see this homeless man……..he lives somewhere in the park.

He is always blowing bubbles………….

And is bubbles are spectacular.

“Roll over Beethoven”……….. and enjoy watching the Bubble Guy.

Frisbee Boy……….twists and twirls.

Wanna play with his frisbee?

Twilight over Central Park South.


Twist and twirl…..she does it nearly every day in the park.

What a day to just sit and talk and bask in the sun.

“Please sir, where is the Dakota?”

Cute boy

Cute doggie too.

The Donald walks off into the twilight.  It was a beautiful day in New York.

2 responses to “NEW YEAR’S DAY 2012 in Central Park

  1. Every time I see someone homeless, a little piece of my heart dies. I wonder when it will fail me completely.


  2. My partner wanted us to go to Central Park yesterday. However, because of a sinus infection I did not feel up to it. Your photos were like that missed stroll through the park. Thanks


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