CENTRAL PARK PEOPLE and a Pet or two.

Starting with the view over the Dakota Apartments.

Sam [as in Samuri] …… frolicked in the leaves.

Waiting to be discovered!  He so wants to be on the Pan Am Show.

Bow Bridge….always beautiful.

It’s not “punting on the Thames”……….it”s better!

These lovely ladies called themselves : “The California Girls”.

He was strumming…..she was bumming along.

Carriage ride rates just went UP!  $125 for a ride….plus TIP.

ETHICS HEARINGS……..continue.

Grabbed a bite at Pain Quotidian.

And he sang out of tune.

Young Love……….from Ohio……….where they still wear baggy pants.

Jaakko from Helsinki.  Sweet bird of youth.

And the bridesmaid wore black.

The boathouse beckons.

Shooting a scene with two Iranian soap opera stars.

He ran by so fast……..almost didn’t get this snap.  That would have been a shame!

Ring Ring…….waiting for a dial tone?  Not !!!

She said her name was Josephina.  Really???

Of course I’ll marry you!

Sorry guys!  The marathon was LAST week.

Who and why?

“Tra La” 2 u 2.

I thought he was cool.  He thought I was cool.  I gave him 5 bucks.

Boating by Bethesda……..

Touching the goose.  Very touching.

I went for a short walk………….it lasted 4 hours.

What the heck?  It’s only 5 p.m.  and it’s already DARK in Central Park.

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