DETROIT Monument to the Dead Africans

Where Grand River Avenue splits with Grand Blvd. , the artist Olayame Dabls has   created a monument to Africans who died trying to escape from slave ships.

His use of materials reflects many of those used in African cultures.

This sections is called:  ” Iron teachings rocks to rust”.  Is there a metaphor here?

The artist welcomes visitors…..and is happy to oblige them with a tour.

Many of the objects he uses are dropped off my total strangers.

I wonder what his intent was/is with the car?  Is it a form of a slave ship?

His Bead Museum is packed full of African artifacs.

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All kinds of people are involved in his projects…..Africans, Europeans and other artists who want to help him with his vision.

Iron……a mainstay in his sculptures…..teaching us how to rust?

Use the paint…………then reuse the cans.  UseRefuse?


Three slaves………..

I shot for hours.  More BLOGS of his art will follow soon.

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