The  METROPOLITAN OPERA’S  128th season opened tonight.

The tragic days of ANNA BOLENA…..who husband Henry v111 decides to cut off her head.

To attend the Gaga Dinner and get a seat in the orchestra is $100,000  for you and 9 guests.

With all that spilling of blood… appropo is ths dress !  [What is that white thing hanging out the bottom of her dress]  ?

She looks just like Anne’s successor……….the one who wore those crazy British hats !

Suzanne Somers looking for……? ? ?

Oh, jeez…………she forget her ticket.  No opera for her. A seat in the balcony is $1,450.

Turned away.  No Tickie no Gala.  An individual ticket for the Gala.and ONE seat in the orchestra is $5,500.

Chain, chain, Chain.

“Tell her she just stepped on my gown!”

The feathers………OK.  But the turquoise earrings?

What’s with that hair?

The opera hasn’t even started and she”s taking a nap.

A paper bag for a purse?  NOT!  Even if it is Bergdorf’s.

Michael Jackson would roll over in his grave if he saw this copy of his outfit.

Those hoops big enough for you honey?

Chinchilla………..and it’s 80 degrees tonight!

Could he Henry’s 4th wife !……Or, King tut’s !

A few puckers too many on that turquoise number.

The scarf just doesn’t make it.  Her face seems to agree.

Tragic……..or what!  She’s getting ready for Anna’s “mad scene”.

She wins the prize!  I love it all……..except for the white lace.

I take it back.  She gets the prize.  20 fur balls and counting.

As if the stars weren’t enough……….those shoes !

The beauty of the evening.   Just hope she doesn’t loose her head.

Anne lost her head to the henchman with the big AXE. …………not a rope !


  1. What? No mention of all the plastic surgery at the opera?


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